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Welcome to Enjoy Downloads, your place for the best downloads!  This site is dedicated to collecting the best downloadables from around the world wide web.  We collect everything from shareware, to freeware, to funny free video clips.  Best part is you can download it all.  This site is brought to you by Data Medics data recovery company.

This site is new so there isn’t much here yet, but check back often and see what you find.  We’ll be adding tons of content in the next few months.  Have a shareware or freeware you’d like to share with us?  Send an email to: and we can add it to our site.

This site is going to be divided into four main sections as follows:

  1. Games – That’s right, no freeware site would be complete without a plethora of cool games like flappy bird and other top titles for your gaming pleasure.  Everything from bit 3d shooters to minigames.
  2. Utilities – This will include everything from gadgets and tweaks for Windows, to data recovery titles, to anti-virus programs.  Every utility you need to completely tweak, speed up, protect, and modify your system will be here.
  3. Productivity – Here you’ll find your productivity software including things like free office software and presentation programs.  No need to shell out hundreds of $$$ to big name companies like M$.  Just come in here and download a cool free tool like OpenOffice or LibreOffice.  Need to make a slideshow?  We’ve got you covered there as well.
  4. Specialty – This is pretty much the “everything but the kitchen sink” category.  Anything that doesn’t fit into the first three categories will go here.  Got an odd program that does something cool with your system, but it’s not quite a utility or productivity app?  Add it here.

Thanks for visiting the site, feel free to leave your feedback on any title in the section dedicated to comments.  And make sure to rate your favorite titles using the stars at the bottom of the page.