So today we’re going to talk about a program that’s become quite popular as a free tool for data recovery.  Recuva Free.  It’s become the go-to program that a lot of computer guys are using to recover data that’s been deleted from a drive.

The software is produced by a company called CCleaner who originally made software for preventing data recovery and then later turned to making software to recover data instead.  I guess what they learned in their research made switching teams easy enough.

Overall this software is pretty good.  Just notice some of the features the company lists for it:

  • Superior file recovery

  • Damaged disk

    Recovery from damaged disks

  • Scan

    Deep scan for buried files

  • Shredder

    Securely delete files


    Ok, so sure, it’s got some good features.  But, let’s not forget it’s a free program.  There’s going to be some obvious limitations.  One major limitation is this:

But, perhaps support isn’t really something you expect to need if you’re just trying to get back a lost file or two.  I’d also add that despite their claim of “Recovery from Damaged Disks” don’t expect it’s going to be able to clone your click of death hard drive.  It won’t.  All they are talking about is the ability to skip over a few bad sectors which might cause some programs to crash.  Most likely it’ll cause this one to crash too since the Windows host controller sucks at handling bad sectors an will probably BSOD on you regardless.

So, if you just deleted a file and want to try to find it, give this program a shot here:

If your hard drive is actually degraded, you’d probably be better off seeking the assistance of a data recovery company.


Freeware WantedOk, so now’s the part where we need your help.  We are looking for shareware and freeware titles to add to this site.  They don’t have to be anything fancy, even just a quick little game that you built, or an undelete utility will suffice.  Sure we could just scrape these from around the web, but what fun is that?  Then we’d have all the same odd junk that all the other sites like and tucows have.  We’re looking for that unheard of gems to add here.

Why post here?  We’ll provide your company with a full write up page describing about you and your software.  You’ll get a do follow link in the page so it’ll give an SEO boost to your site as well.  Use it to push out your paid software, or ad based freeware titles.  Even if you software is already listed on other sites, we’ll post it here too.  No worries there.  We’re looking to eventually build the biggest collection of free programs the web has ever seen, along with easy search and recommendations from what we find.

Later today I’ll be posting the first couple titles, which I think are a couple data recovery niche programs that we’ll be hosting.  If you want, come on back later today and check em out.  Hope you enjoy this site, and we hope to soon impress you with amazing new software titles.