Freeware WantedOk, so now’s the part where we need your help.  We are looking for shareware and freeware titles to add to this site.  They don’t have to be anything fancy, even just a quick little game that you built, or an undelete utility will suffice.  Sure we could just scrape these from around the web, but what fun is that?  Then we’d have all the same odd junk that all the other sites like and tucows have.  We’re looking for that unheard of gems to add here.

Why post here?  We’ll provide your company with a full write up page describing about you and your software.  You’ll get a do follow link in the page so it’ll give an SEO boost to your site as well.  Use it to push out your paid software, or ad based freeware titles.  Even if you software is already listed on other sites, we’ll post it here too.  No worries there.  We’re looking to eventually build the biggest collection of free programs the web has ever seen, along with easy search and recommendations from what we find.

Later today I’ll be posting the first couple titles, which I think are a couple data recovery niche programs that we’ll be hosting.  If you want, come on back later today and check em out.  Hope you enjoy this site, and we hope to soon impress you with amazing new software titles.

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